Education & Progress

Unfortunately, the public education system of Puerto Rico is unstable and for the past years a high number of public schools have been closed throughout the island. Students from the public sector need academic reinforcement in various areas.

We truly believe that a solid education along with social values create the foundation for a better quality of life not only for the children, but for their families and communities where the live. Knowledge and a stimulating environment are catalysts that pull individuals and societies out of challenging circumstances. This is a belief that we take very seriously and will keep pursuing.


We are proud to say that since the start of the JBK Foundation until 2018, 100% of the money raised through our golf tournament was donated to the Instituto Nueva Escuela (INE) and its Endowment Fund, which helps the INE secure additional capital to continue expanding their Montessori work with public schools in Puerto Rico and become less dependent on government funds.

For a total of $200,000 in donations to the Instituto Nueva Escuela.

The INE is an independent 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to improving Puerto Rican students' academic and socio-emotional outcomes through the implementation of Montessori education in the public school setting. It partners with public schools to train and certify teachers in Montessori education and provides leadership, support, and technical assistance to public schools and to community partners.

Currently its network includes 50 public schools and is target is to reach 100 by 2020, despite facing significant challenges such as public school consolidation and lack of government funding.

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Athletics & Wellbeing

There is no doubt that health and wellbeing are central to human happiness and contribute to evolution. The JBK Foundation believes that healthy habits are developed through education, example, and the right environment.

We know how critical it is for the underserved youth in Puerto Rico to have access to opportunities that cultivate health inside-out and stimulate potential. This is what moved us last year (2018) to initiate a scholarship program to sponsor young athletes by relocating them to private schools with scholarship programs aligned with our foundation’s values.


Our first sponsored student athlete will complete next May 2022, his third year as part of the St. John’s School Scholarship Program, Jack Kodesh’s alma mater. During his High School years at St. Johns, Jack always demonstrated a profound love for sports and his school. We are committed to honoring his legacy and help blaze the path for less fortunate student athletes by providing them the opportunity to be part of the Saint John’s community.

We truly hope that with your help other Puerto Rican young athletes may embrace the chance of having access to better education, top notch athletic training, and a stimulating environment.

Prevent, treat & enhance young lives

Another goal for the JBK Foundation is to help enhance the quality of life of medically underserved children in Puerto Rico. Funds raised through our efforts will also go to organizations that encourage disease prevention, education and assistance in the road to recovery of this population.

Our latest efforts have been focused on promoting appropriate health care among this segment by identifying local nonprofits that are doing an outstanding job in various medical fields.


*Fundación Hospital Pediátrico was organized in 2014 by a group of doctors to improve the experience of patients and their families by investing in medical equipment, infrastructure, and other initiatives at the University Pediatric Hospital, the premier public pediatric facility in Puerto Rico where the most complicated cases are treated. Funds from the JBK Tournament 2020 were used to purchase medical equipment for some of the critical areas of the hospital.

As the most important medical institution for children and adolescents in Puerto Rico, the hospital receives around 10,000 patients annually where 75% depend on Vital (Medicaid in Puerto Rico); offers all of the subspecialties 24/7; it exclusively treats the pediatric cases that are most complicated of the island; houses the only Pediatric Center for Dialysis in Puerto Rico; and is the only healthcare institution that offers neurosurgery for neonatal patients.

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